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Unbelievable rare moments in our sports history.

Ballgirl       11/16/08 Why don't the professionals play like this???
Biker Hits a Tree 10/27/08 Not to worry - he had a helmet on!
Golf - Tiger Woods We all throw our club now and then - right?
Baseball - Karate Kick Never saw this done before.
Baseball - Fight Touchy - aren't they?
Baseball -Slugger I think I saw this one coming...
Basketball - Bloopers This is funny stuff.
Basketball - Cross Court Bulls-eye.
Basketball - Dunk Shot How many times did they MISS?
Basketball - Fight - Shaq and Barkley I think I know who would have won if it went the distance.
Basketball - Fight - Kobe Bryant Looks like Kobe took the right cross shot.
basketball - Freestyle Guys and their (basket) balls!
Basketball - Punch - Italian Wow - that was some smack-down!
Basketball - Shots They looked like 3-pointers to me.
Basketball - Vince Carter Vince Carter jumps over 7' 2" opposing player.
Basketball - Michael Jordon Bloopers Even the Great One had some bad days!
Biker hits a Tree Not to worry - he had a helmet on.
Boxing - Boxer get Nailed Ok - why did he jump on the ropes?
Bullfighting - Fan gets stripped Let's give the bull the trophy on this day.
Caitlin - Steeple Chase   11/09/08 The leg needed another inch higher...
Capoeira - Free Fight So much for timing, synchronization and practicing.
Race Car Sandwich  Race cars get sandwiched real bad.
Championship Bowling   5/23/10 I think he could win this match.
Cheerleeder Cartwheel Looks like her timing was off a bit.  Headache time...
Cup Girl This ought to be in the olympics.
Cyclists Fight This is always fun to watch.
Diving - Bad Dive That's gonna leave a mark for sure!
Diving - Iraqi Diver Oh oh - headache time again...
ESPN - Jim Everett attacks I think the host begged for the fight.  Dismissed!
ESPN - Sports Magazine Note - she's not blond either.  Hmmmm...
Fallen Tree I think tree-cutting is a sport - no?
Field Goal Bounce  02-15-09 Like hand-grenades - close but no cigar.
Figure Skating Accident   02-15-09 She took a hard fall.
Flying Trapeze 02-15-09 Truly amazing what they do up there.
Football - Field Goal Bounce   02-15-09 Sounds like a good call to me.  Never crossed the line.
Football Monday Night     02-15-09 This is really a commercial - with controversy.
Footie Skills    02-15-09 Amazing what they can do with their feet in soccer.
Fotball - Bad Player    02-15-09 He had the net all to himself...
Golf Balled    02-15-09 Maybe this should be in the "R" section
Golf - Tiger "Bad day"    02-15-09 We all have bad days - don't we?
Golf - Violent Sport02-15-09 I think I've had a couple of those hits.
Gymnastics - bad timing    02-15-09 This was not like his 2nd time out, you know.
Gymnastics - head plant    02-15-09 Just like the guy above...
Gymnastics - Parallel Bars  02-15-09 I saw this one coming two weeks ago.
Gymnastics - Parallel Bars 2  02-15-09 But wait - it gets worse!
Gymnyst on Trampoline   02-15-09 You've got to nail those landings.
Hockey Best Shot Ever   02-15-09 Looks like he picked it up with his stick.
Hockey Brawl     02-15-09 Ever see a hockey brawl?  No?
Hockey Fight - UMASS    02-15-09 3 Refs and none wanted to intervene on that fight.
Javelin Thrower Trips     02-15-09 Doesn't even sound good when you have a pointy item.
Karate - Never Trust a Woman  02-15-09 I think she was aiming - bad date the night before, ya know.
Kayak Diving   02-15-09 A new way to do a belly-flop.
Kung-fu Football   02-15-09 You KNEW this was coming, didn't you?
Lacrosse Bench Brawl   02-15-09 This is uglier than hockey brawls.
Martial Arts Man Stoned   02-15-09 This is a man high on something.
Marial Arts Master   02-15-09 Little guy REALLY beats up big guy.
Martial Arts - Tae Kwando   02-15-09 When 2 different fighting styles compete.
Mascot Attacked   02-15-09 Now this is some real action.
Nike Why Sports02-15-09 Chainsaw massacre man meets his match.
Ping Pong Matrix    02-15-09 This is stupid!
Racing - Rabbit Gets Hit   02-15-09 If he didn't have a ticket, he shouldn't have been allowed in.
Redneck Skydiver     5/23/10 This is unbelievable.
Rock Climbing Accident  02-15-09 Worst accident I've ever seen in this sport.
Skating Doubles Accident 02-15-09 I think it was all in the timing.
Skier - Car Jump   02-15-09 I think he's just showin' off.
SKier - Backflip   02-15-09 Well - almost!
Sky Dying    02-15-09 Thank god for the reserve chute, huh? Huh?
Skydiving - Wingsuit    02-15-09 Now that takes some real cajones.
Soccer Ball Fight - Nike 02-15-09 This pretty exciting stuff.
Soccer - Best Goalie Ever   02-15-09 This guy is really good at defending.
Soccer - can he play? 02-15-09 He really knows how to handle the ball - but get points?
Soccer - Chinese fight   02-15-09 His mistake was turning his back on the bigger guy.
Soccer - Brawl    02-15-09 Almost like hockey - but less slippin' and slidin'.
Soccer - Goalie scores   02-15-09 Scored on himself accidently.
Soccer - People Avalanche02-15-09 Too many people in the stands - and at a soccer game.
Soccer - Players fight   02-15-09 The first hit was liget - the 2nd was a sucker punch.
Soccer - Referee Fall 02-15-09 See what happens when you try to show off?
Soccer - Stupid Goaliee   02-15-09 He forgot about the guy behind him.
Soccer - Doctor Slips    02-15-09 Almost made the situation far worse.
Tennis Injury    02-15-09 He's going to feel that one until next month.
Washu - Staff Fight    02-15-09 Good choreograhy here. 
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