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Is it just me - or are celebrities more prone to defects?

Ashlee Simpson - NOT live Saturday Night Live is supposed to be "live"
Ashlee Simpson - the remix Colorful take on the above
Beer Stand     2/22/09 This kid is funny and does the part well.
Celine Jackson  Picture Celine Dion melded with Michael Jackson
Chris Farley A funny comedian left us too soon
Commentator Blooper on Jennifer Lopez And these people get paid for this
Cookie Blues When a gingerbread cookie gets the blues
Copper Dappers Remember Jack Webb?  Dragnet?  Hmmm
Destiny's Child Falls Maybe they needed more practice
Dress Changes  2/8/09 Amazing how fast a woman can change a dress.
Japanese "Whasssuupp" Not just an american slang
Jingle Bell Rock video Mean girls do the classic Christmas song
Mad TV From the Chappelle show
Maestro And I have trouble with the harmonica!
Michael Jordan Bloopers Even "His Airness" had bloopers
Mike Valley Beats up 4 Thugs Usually martial arts guys can't do it for real
Music Fan on Drugs No other explanation
Mustafa Jackson Another take on Michael Jackson
My Heart Will Go On Another version
National Anthem Disaster It's really a hard song to memorize
Not the Father I think Maury gets off on this kind of stuff
Obscene Traffic Report Everyone makes a mistake now and then.
Reporter Gets Attacked I thought they had "people" to get rid of other people.
Singer/Dancer Kid Kid's pretty good, no?
Slip Of The Tongue Even female talking heads do it
Street Hoops From the Chapple show
Tech TV Blooper Extreme blooper!
Trailer Jump Another failed attempt.
Weather Dork Sometimes they'll do anything to get an audience
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