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What happens to people on motorcycles is for scientists to figure out.

Almost Motorcycle Accident This guy nearly wipes out!
Bad Motorcycle Stunt Stunt gone bad -and - you guessed it!
Dirtbike Crashes Into Tree I think there are rules on this...
Lady Gets Hit With Motorcycle Now THAT was unexpected by everyone.
Loading a Bike Now that's efficiency!
Motorcycle Accident I'm saying the guy passing on the right was to blame.
Motorcycle Crash You kind of knew this was coming.
Motorcycle Crash - 3 bikes Looks like too much gas.
Motorcycle Crash - Wobbling I can't imagine stopping that from happening.
Motorcycle Flips It just got away from him!
Motorcycle Jump - 278 Feet Momma must be proud!
Motorcyle Wheelie I thought he was going over for a moment there.
Motorcyclist Dumps Girlfriend He could have gotten to the next state and not known.
Mototraining Brought to you by idiots?
Naked Road Rash Some people wake up too late!
Showoff #1m There will be lots of these...
Showoff #2 They just keep getting better
Showoff #3 Yep - keep 'em coming!
Showoff #4 Any more? you ask...
Showoff #5 yet - there's even more!
Showoff #6 It's a "guy" thing - wimmen don't understand!
Showoff #7 One of the better ones.
Showoff #8 I could put these in all day!
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