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Skateboards, etc...

Don't people know these things can really hurt you?

Leap of Faith So what was it he was trying to do??
Roller Skate Crash I should rename this "unlimited pain".
Roller Skate Fall That was not part of the program...
Roller Skating Badly   11/30/08 I knew this would happen before it did!
Rollerblade Competition Fall Watch the haystacks!  Too late...
Rollerblade Accident Another unplanned portion added to the program.
Rollerblade Headache Creator The name says it all!
Rollerblade and Hydrant He HAD to have seen it 20 feet beforehand...
Skateboarder Arm Break Don't watch this if you're squeamish.
Skateboard Accident Another one not for the squeamish.
Skateboarder Jumps the Car Alright - he missed it.  Details, details, details...
Snowboarder Bench Trick You saw this coming, right?
Snowboarding Ah - someone doing it right!
Snowmobile Accident This is frightening for the camerman too!
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