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The old adage is:  Crooks are stupid!

ATV Crook Crash  10/27/08 The cop had to take him out somehow.
Bait Car Watch what happens when the cops set up a "sting"
Busdriver Beating At least they caught the guy in the act
Cellfone Theft 10/27/08 Cop get shot and the witnesses steal his cellfone.  Seen it all now!
How To Dodge a Ticket The mini-skirt has nothing to do with it...
Jail New Guy Someone is going to get a terrible beating...
Peelout And then the cop catches him.  I hate it when that happens
Policecar Chase Any guess on who's going to win here?
Policewoman In Reno She had an itchy trigger finger
Police Training How to empty your gun correctly (?!?)
Bus Crash Real video from inside a school bus that rolls over avoiding an accident.
Car Accident Camera inside a car with the driver not using a seatbelt
Car Crash, Oops I think he was just showin' off - and lost it.
Car Getting Thru Traffic Can't do this in Chicago with a cop on every block.
Car flipped him Ok - we're having fun now.  Next time cross at the light.
Cops Falling From Crane Looks like an engineering design flaw.
Corvette Accident A few more ponies in that beast than the driver can handle...
Crash Report Is this a coincidence - or what?
Fire Truck Accident Looks like a setup to me...
Oil Rig Collapse  We'd better get our act together on this!
Unloading a Car From A Truck How NOT to do it!  What state do they live in??
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