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AKA - how to get along at home.

$164 Million Lottery Winner  10/20/08 What does she have in store for him?   Hmmm?
1812 Overture - Mom's Song 10/20/08 All Mom's should know this one by heart.
3 Guitars and a Tractor    5/23/10 Keeps a good beat going.
Art Of War - Husbands and Wives Classic!
Axe Shower Gel Can someone explain why this is not in the commercials?
Baby Powder Too much milk...
Backyard Wrestling      2/08/09 That's going to give someone a big headache!
Beach Oops - Don't fall down That will get you a black eye 2 out of 3 times.
Beach Sand Surfing Typical "know-it-all" father
Breast Feeding Another contented child
Clean Your Car of Snow Just make sure it's your own...
Dating This has all the makings of a "bad start" relationship
Defective Treadmill You have to watch this several times
Driving Instruction - bad day We've all had bad days - right?
Electricity Joke Some guys can't really take a good joke
Fat Lady Eats a Turkey Some people shouldn't be allowed to eat so much -by law!
Fat Lady Wipes Out On A Bike You knew this was coming
Football with the Kid How's the kid going to learn to catch?
Funny Cats Now you will understand the "9 lives" thing.
Girl On A Parachute Saw this in Puerto Vallarta once
Granny Gets Pulled By A Big Dog Who's taking whom for a walk?
Kick The Baby Watch your babysitter...
Kid Jumping A Car What's your kid been doing lately?
Kid Jumping Into The Pool  
Kid Jumps From Roof to Tree Don't try this at home, folks
Kid Kicks Other Kid - hard That will leave a small bruise
Lawnmower vs AK47 I've seen an AK47 work before.  Lawnmowers typically lose.
Lockbumping      5/23/10 The newest way for crooks to enter your home.
Meet In Room 808 For the traveling man
Mexican Child Party Why did the parent have to join in?
Never Scare A Brotha Someone learned a valuable lesson here
Paintball Pain The pay would have to be real good!
Paintball Tree Accident Keep your eye on where you're going, fella!
Parachute - I'm not Ready Lack of communication here, I think
Pool Jumper Oooh - more pain
Redneck Surfing We DO need creative people in this world - don't we?
Santa Takes Out A Shoplifter You better be good, you better not cry...
School Bus Surveillance Tape Looks like a whole lotta shakin' goin' on there
Shooting a Gun A very powerful weapon
Slippin' Slide       11/30/08 Fun at the pool brought to you by teenagers!
Squirrell Pull Looks like redneck fun
Superwave Looks like the wave came at him again and again
Taxi Girl Oh oh
Toilet Falls On Cop That's gotta be embarrassing
Train Dodging Do you know how your kids have fun?
Trampoline Jump This means everyone has to do it correctly.  Get it!
Vomit Video Really - it's funny!
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