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All those friendly animals we love to have around.

Bear attacks woman on-stage Maybe she said the wrong thing...
Deer boxing Boxing is a natural defense in the animal world.
Dog Trick I think they should take this trick on the road.
Elephant accident Yep - I should have rated this one "R"
Elephant too close Or maybe the man got too close...
Exploding Dog No - it's not real.  Really!
Field Goal Dog A true football kind of guy!
Horse Kick You'd probably do the same thing, wouldn't you?
Karate Cat And the Summo cat guards the house.
Karate Chimp He took home the bronze.  No pun intended.
Killer Cats They're not so tough!
Leopard is mad I may be wrong - but it looks like the man started it!
Lion hunt Again - the pesky human starts trouble.
Monkey sniffs butt This will make you laugh...
Monkey tells a joke Actually - it's a good bar joke.
Moose Sings da blues Listen to the song a couple of times and you'll like it.
Penquin fall ... or he was tripped!
Pinky - Pet Of The Week! Must have been the aftershave lotion.
Scaredy Cat This is enjoyable to dog people!
Sheep crash Not every sheep follows the same path.
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