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Song Title   Artist or Band

Tab Page

Una Paloma Blanca1-G138
Una Paloma Blanca2-F138

 Song Tab

Unbreak My Heart1-F57
Unbreak My Heart2-F66
Toni Braxton
Unchained Melody1-G70
Unchained Melody2-G70
Unchained Melody3-C66
Unchained Melody4-C80
Unchained Melody5-F120
Unchained Melody6-G120
Unchained Melody7-C64
Unchained Melody8-G90
Unchained Melody9-G70
Unchained Melody10-G202
Righteous Brothers

Song Tab 1
Song Tab 2

Under The Boardwalk1-F115
Under The Boardwalk2-C115
Under The Boardwalk3-G120
Under The Boardwalk4-G120
Under The Boardwalk5-G123
Under The Boardwalk6-G126
Under The Boardwalk7-C115
Under The Boardwalk8-G120
The Drifters

Song Tab

Under The Sea1-Bb200
Under The Sea2-Bb200
United States National Anthem1-Bb100 The Star Spangled Banner

Song Tab

Until It's Time For You To Go1-F108
Up Around The Bend1-D126
Up Around The Bend2-D128
Credence Clearwater Revival
Up On The Roof1-G125
Up On The Roof2-G115
Up, Up and Away1-G65
Up Where We Belong1-G140
Uptown Girl1-E120 Billy Joel
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