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Song Title   Artist or Band

Tab Page

Kansas City1-G140
Kansas City2-C115
Kansas City3-G126
Kansas City4-Db122
Kansas City5-F116
Kansas City6-C117
Kansas City7-Db122
Kansas City8-Bb132
Kansas City9-F120
Wilbert Harrison
Willie Nelson
Fats Domino
Muddy Waters

Song Tab-D

Karma Chameleon1-Bb200
Keep On Dancin'1-G145
Keep On Lovin' You1-C118
Keep Your Hands To Youself1-D115
Keeper of the Stars1-D81
Kentucky Derby1-D164
Kentucky Rain1-A92 Elvis Presley
Kentucky Woman1-C152
Kentucky Woman2-C170
Kick A Little1-E138
Kicks1-Ab140 Paul Revere and the Raiders
Kilgary Mountain1-C97
Killing Me Softly1-C120
Killing Me Softly2-C100
Killing Me Softly3-C120
Killing Me Softly4-Ab110
Killing Me Softly5-C100
Killing Me Softly6-C91
Killing Me Softly7-C105
Roberta Flack
Kind of a Drag1-F130
Kind of a Drag2-F129
King of the Fairies1-G120
King of the Road1-Gb123
King of the Road2-Eb125
King of the Road3-C150
King of the Road4-C120
King of the Road5-Bb113
Roger Miller

Song Tab-D

Kiss An Angel Good Morning1-G140
Kiss Him Goodbye1-F120
Kisses and Tears1-F85
Kissin' Cousins1-F140
Knights In White Satin1-G53
Knights In White Satin2-E152
Knock Three Times1-F122
Knock Three Times2-Db124
Tony Orlando and Dawn
Knowing Me Knowing You1-D112
Knowing Me Knowing You2-D114
Kris Kringle March1-F202 Christmas Song