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     Old Time Favorites

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  Key Tab
Diatonic or
Amazing Grace  G Song Tab-D  Midi 1(G87)
Midi 2(G90)
Midi 3(F75)
Midi 4(C90)
Midi 5(Ab75)
Midi 6(G96)
And Then (S)He Kissed Me A/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G120)
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(G120

Midi 4(A130)*
Midi 5(G120)
Midi 6(A130)*-harp
Another Saturday Night G Song Tab-D Midi 1(D136)
Midi 2(A120)
Midi 3(G126)

Midi 4(G128)
Midi 5(G126)*-harp
Apache C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C125)
Midi 2 (C130)
Midi 3 (C135)

  Midi 4 (C120)
Midi 5 (C120)

Midi 6 (C135)*-harp)

Midi 7 (C120)
Midi 8 (C135)*
Arkansas Traveler D/F Song Tab-D Midi 1 (D240)
Midi 2(D210)
Midi 3(D110)
Midi 4(F174)
Midi 5(D240)
Midi 6(D216)
Midi 7(D240)
Ashokan Farewell D Song Tab-D Midi 1(D97)*-harp
Midi 2(D11)
Midi 3(D90)

Midi 4(D60)
Midi 5(D100)
Midi 6(D100)
Aura Lee Ab/Bb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb)
Midi 2(Ab)
Baby Face C/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(C)
Midi 2(C)
Banana Boat Song (AKA Day O)


Song Tab-D Midi 1(G60)
Midi 2(C104)
Midi 3(F130)*

Midi 4(A130)
Midi 5(G67)
Midi 6(C130)

Midi 7(F130)*harp
Beautiful Dreamer Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(C150)
Midi 2(C56)
Midi 3(D200)
Midi 4(C240)
Midi 5(Eb60)
Midi 6(Eb120)*
Midi 7(Eb85)

Midi 8(Eb1122)
Midi 9(C88)

Midi 10(Eb120)*-harp
Beer Barrel Polka C/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(F112)
Midi 2(C220)
Midi 3(C115)*

Midi 4(C115)*-harp
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell Song Tab-D Midi 1(A156)*-harp
Midi 2(E160)*
Midi 3(E156)
Bobby's Girl C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(C161)
Midi 3(C136)

Midi 4(C136)*
Midi 5(C136)*-harp
Boogie Woogie C Song Tab Midi 1
Midi 2
Mid1 3
Bread and Butter C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C170)
Midi 2(C160)*-harp
Midi 3(C160)*
Bring It On Home To Me F/G/C Song Tab-D Midi 1(F94)
Midi 2(C80)*
Midi 3(G80)

Midi 4(F94)
Midi 5(C80)*-harp
Bristol Stomp


Song Tab-D Midi 1(G180)*
Midi 2(G180)*-harp
Can Can C/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(G180)    
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb120)
 Midi2 (C97)
Midi 3(Bb120)

Midi 4(Eb115)
Midi 5(Eb120)
Midi 6(Eb95)
Midi 7(Eb120)
Midi 8(Bb120)*
Midi 9(F139)
Midi 10(C98)
Midi 11(Bb120)*-harp
Catch A Falling Star C/F Song Tab-D Midi (B119)
Catch The Wind C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2 (C167)*
Midi 3(C167)*-harp
Midi 4(C120)-harp
Cotton-Eye Joe


Song Tab-D Midi 1(A120)
Midi 2(Ab95)
Midi 3(Bb14)
Midi 4(Ab80)*

Midi 5(C132)
Midi 6(A224)
Midi 7(C132)
Danny Boy C/F Song Tab-D Midi 1 Eb100)
Midi 2 (C100)
Midi 3 (Eb54)

Midi 4(C81)
Midi 5(C100)
Dirty Old Town E/F Song Tab-D Midi 1 (F115)
Midi 2(E100)
Don't Be Cruel D Song Tab-D Midi 1(G175)
Midi  2(C150)
Midi 3(D176)
Midi 4(E168)
Midi 5(D168)*
Midi 6(C175)
Midi 7(G175)
Midi 8(G202)
Midi 9(D167)
Midi 10(C165)
Midi 11(C116)
Midi (12(D155)
Midi 13(D168)*-harp
Edelweiss Bb/C/F Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Bb100)
Midi 2 (F100)
Midi 3 (Bb120)
Midi 4 (C100)

Midi 5(Bb108)
Everlasting Love C Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb120)
Midi 2(C120)
Midi 3(C120
Midi 4(D126)
Midi 5(C119)
Midi 6(Ab126)
Midi 7(C130)
Midi 8(C130)
Midi 9(A119)
Midi 10(D126)
Midi 11(C130)*-harp
Five Foot Two C/F/G Song Tab-D  Midi 1(C184)
Midi 2(F140)
Midi 3(G180)

Midi 4(C173)
Fly Me To The Moon C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C120)
Midi 2 (C120)

Midi 3(C75)
Going Up The Country Bb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb160)
Midi 2(Bb154)*
Midi 3(Bb160)

Midi 4(Bb160)
Midi 5(Bb154)*-harp
Greensleeves Ab/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G40)
Midi 2(Ab120)
Midi 3(G120)
Midi 4(G100)
Hang On Sloopy F Song Tab-D Midi 1(A97)
Midi 2(F110)*-harp

Midi 3(F110)*
Happy Heart G Song Tab-D Midi 4(G118)    
Heart and Soul C, Db, Ab
Song Tab-D Midi 2(C169)*
Midi 2(C140)
Midi 3(Db121
Midi 4(F130)
Midi 5(C169)*-harp
Midi 6(F100)
Midi 7(C119)
Midi 8(F115)
Midi 9(C120)
Midi 10(Ab115)
Midi 11(C120)
Midi 12(C169)*-harp - 50Pct
Heart of My Heart


Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb138)
Midi 2(G160)
Midi 3(Eb148)
Midi 4(G160) Jazz
Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart

A, Bb, D

Song Tab-D     Midi 1(A195
Midi 2(D181)*-harp
Midi 3(Bb145)
Midi 4(Bb210)
Midi 5(Bb200)
Midi 6(Bb210)
Midi 7(Ab89)
Midi 8(Bb116)
Midi 9(Bb190)
Midi 10(C170)
Here Comes The Bride Bb/C Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb100)*
Midi 2(Bb87)*
Midi 3(C120)
I Only Want To Be With You E/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G130)
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(G130)
Midi 4(E130)
Midi 5(G132)
Midi 6(E132)
Midi 7(E145)
Midi 8(G125)

Midi 9(E128)
Midi 10(G132)*-harp
Iko Iko


Song Tab-D Midi 1(F125)
Midi 2(C110)
Midi 3(Db07)
Midi 4(C100)*
Midi 5(F125)*-harp
I'm Henry The Eighth I am A Song Tab-D Midi 1(G147)
Midi 2(A184)*

Midi 3(A184)*-harp
Il Silenzio (aka Bonsoir Mon Amour) Bb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb200)-harp
MP3 (Bb200)
I'm a Believer C Song Tab-D Midi 1(G163)
Midi 2 (F139)

Midi 3(C163)
Midi 4(E160)

Midi 5(E165)
Midi 6(G165)
Midi 7(C162)*
Midi 8(C162)*-harp
I Think We're Alone Now D  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G140)
Midi 2(G130)
Midi 3(G130)

Midi 4(G128)
Midi 5(D130)*
Midi 6(D130)*-harp
Irish Washerwoman G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G200)*
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(G195)
Midi 4(G175)

Midi 5(G195)
Midi 6(G200)
Midi 7(G180)
Midi 8(G200)
Midi 9(G200)

Midi 10(G200)*-harp
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring G Song Tab-D Midi 2(D60)
Midi 2(G180)
Midi 3(G72)
Midi 4(G70)
Midi 5(E120)
Midi 6(G72)
Midi 7(G72)
Midi 8(G61)
Midi 9(G60)
Midi 10(G104)
Midi 11(G200)
Midi 12(G205)*
Midi 13(C70)
Midi 14(G205)*-harp
Kentucky Rain


Song Tab-D Midi 1(A92)*
Midi 2(C105)
Midi 3(C80)
Midi 4(A92)*-harp
Let's Hang On Ab Song Tab-D Midi 1(Ab140)
Midi 2(Ab128)*
Midi 3(Ab128)*-harp
Little Arrows   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb210)
Midi 2(C105)*
Midi 3(Bb201)
Midi 4(C105)*-harp
Locomotion D Song Tab-D Midi 1(D130)*
Midi 2(Eb140)
Midi 3(D144)

Midi 4(G120)
Midi 5(Eb133)

Midi 6(C144)
Midi 7(D130)*-harp
Man of Constant Sorrow


Song Tab-D Midi 1(F87)
Midi 2(G88)*
Midi 3(G90)

Midi 4(G88)*-harp
Memphis, Tennessee


Song Tab-D Midi 1(E202)
Midi 2(E202)
Midi 3(E202)*-harp
Mockingbird Hill C Song Tab-D Midi (C169)
Moon River C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C92)
Midi 2 (G85)
Midi 3 (C88)
Midi 4 (C110)
Midi 5(C85)
Mountains of Mourne C/D/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(C100)
Midi 2(D120)*
Midi 3(F120)
Midi 4(F120)
Midi 5(D120)*
Muskrat Ramble Bb/Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb160)
Midi 2(Eb160)
My Blue Heaven C/Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(C150)
Midi 2(Eb154)
Midi 3(Eb160)
My Way


Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb93)
Midi 2(F83)
Midi 3(G80)
Midi 4(D77)*-harp
Midi 5(D77)*
Midi 6(F77)
Midi 7(F78)
Midi 8(C100)
Midi 9(A80)
Never on A Sunday Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb120)
Midi 2(Eb150)
Not Fade Away A Song Tab-D Midi 1(A109)*
Midi 2(Eb169)
Midi 3(A109)
Midi 4(A100)-harp*
Ode to Joy C/D Song Tab-D Midi 1(D160)
Midi 2(C80)
One Fine day F Song Tab-D Midi 1(F176)
Midi 2(F175)
Midi 3(F180)*

Midi 4(F176)
Midi 5(F180)*-harp
Orange Blossom Special


Song Tab-D Midi 1(A140)
Midi 2(A150)
Midi 3(F130)*
Over the Rainbow


Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(Eb80)
Midi 3(Eb120)
Midi 4(C114)*

Midi 5(Eb95)
Midi 6(Eb85)
Midi 7(A84)
Midi 8(Eb75)

Midi 9(C114)*-harp
Percolator G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G140)*
Midi 2(G140)*-harp
Puttin' On The Ritz Ab/C/F Song Tab-D Midi 1-Ab190
Midi 2-C185
Midi 3-F180*
Midi 4-Eb192
Midi 5-C114
Ragdoll Bb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Gb125)
Midi 2(Bb125)

Midi 3(Bb120)
Midi 4(Bb120)
Midi 5(Bb122)
Midi 6(Bb126)
Midi 7(Bb125)*-harp
Roll Out Those Lazy Crazy Days of Summer   Song Tab-D N/A    
Red Rubber Ball A/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(A86)*
Midi 2(F126)
Midi 3(A86)*-harp
Sailor's Hornpipe A Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb100)
Midi 2(G228)
Midi 3(Bb120)
Midi 4(D141)
Midi 5(E118)
Midi 6(D190)

Midi 7(Bb100)
Midi 8(A120)
Midi 9(A120)*-harp
Strolling Through the Park One Day G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G102)    
Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) G Song Tab-D Midi (G135)
Shave and a Haircut C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C160)
Shenandoah Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(G79)
Midi 2(E60)
Midi 3(Eb100)*
Midi 4(D120)
Midi 5(E62)-harp
Midi 6(E72)
Midi 7(D70)
Midi 8(Eb88)
Midi 9(D83)
Midi 10(Bb70)
Midi 11(E60)
Midi 12(G79)-harp
Midi 13(Eb100)*-harp
Sherry C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(C117)
Midi 3(A140)
Midi 4(C120)
Midi 5(C110)
Midi 6(C117)*-harp
Son Of A Preacher Man


Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb98)
Midi 2(C151)*

Midi 3(C151)*-harp
Stagger Lee Bb/C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C90)*
Midi 2(Bb140)
Midi 3(C90)*-harp
Such a Night E Song Tab-D Midi 1(G66)
Midi 2(E170)*
Midi 3(F166)
Midi 4(E170)
Midi 5(E170)*-harp
Sugarfoot Rag


 Song Tab-D Midi 1(D180)
Midi 2(Eb220)
Swanee River C/D N/A Midi 1(C110)
Midi 2(D99)
Sweet Molly Malone G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G160)    
Take Me Out To the Ballgame C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C178)
Midi 2(C192)
Midi 3(C206)
Telstar A Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb 130)
Midi 2(C142)
Midi 3(A144)
Midi 4(Bb140)
Midi 5(D140)
Midi 6(C144)
Midi 7(Bb142)
Midi 8(A146)*
Midi 9(Bb143)
Midi 10(A142)
Midi 11(Bb130)
Midi 12 (A146)*-harp
Tennessee Waltz C/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(C91)
Midi 2(C94)
Midi 3(C90)

Third Man Theme C/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(G140)

Midi 4(C156)
Midi 5(C129)
Midi 6(C75)*
This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'   Song Tab-D Not Available    
Try To Remember (the kind of September) Ab/F/G Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Ab90)
Midi 2 (G104)
Midi 3(F126)
Midi 4(G104)
Wabash Cannonball C/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G236)
Midi 2 (G110)

Midi 3(C193)
Midi 4(G240)
Waltzing Mathilda C/D/Eb/F/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb78)
Midi 2(G116)
Midi 3(C100)*
Midi 4(D100)

Midi 5(C90)
Midi 6(D100)
Midi 7(Eb100)
Midi 8(F100)
Wayfaring Stranger C/Eb/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(F96)*
Midi 2(F80)
Midi 3(C145)
Midi 4(Eb78)
Midi 5(F120)
We Gotta Get Outta This Place The Animals Song Tab-D Midi 1(A139)
Midi 2(F200)-harp
Midi 3(Bb122)
Midi 4(F210)*-harp
 Midi 5(Bb120)
Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera song) F Song Tab-D Midi 1(C130)
Midi 2(C140)
Midi 3(C130)
Midi 4(C130)
Midi 5(C120)
When I Grow Too Old To Dream Bb/C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C88)
Midi 2(Bb120)
When The Saints Go Marchin' In Bb/C/F N/A Midi 1(Bb190)
Midi 2(C130)
Midi 3(F120)
Midi 4(F120)

Midi 5(C115)
Midi 6(C190)
When You And I Were Young, Maggie


Song Tab-D Midi 1(F102)
Midi 2(F210)
Midi 3(F114)*
Midi 4(F93)
Midi 5(F100)
Midi  6(F95)
Midi 7(C93)
Witch Doctor F Song Tab-D Midi 1(G132)
Midi 2(G100)
Midi 3(G103)
Midi 4(F135)*
Midi 5(C160)

Midi 6(F135)*-harp
Wooden Heart C/Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(C160)
Midi 2(Eb142)
Midi 3(Eb140)
Worried Man Blues G Song Tab Midi 1(G120)
Midi 2(G125)
Yellow Rose of Texas C/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G145)
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(G110)
Midi 4(C120)
Midi 5(C145)
You Are My Sunshine C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C118)
Midi 2(C127)
You Were On My Mind E Song Tab-D Midi 1(E142)
Midi 2(F140)
Midi 3(E142)

Midi 4(E142)*-harp

Background song is Going Up The Country



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