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Key Tab Midi's
A Fool Such As I Elvis Presley   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb155)
Midi 2(Bb110)
A Summer Place The Lettermen
Percy Faith
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb200)*
Midi 2(F200)
Midi 3(Bb200)*-harp
Abraham, Martin and John Dion DiMucci F Song Tab-D Midi 1(F115)
Midi 2(F135)
Air Force Song Patriotic Hymn for the U.S. Air Force Bb Song Tab-D Midi 1(C132)
Midi 2(Bb183)*
Midi 3(Bb165)
Midi 4(Bb183)*-harp
Alone Again, Naturally Gilbert O'Sullivan
Vonda Sheppard
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb120)
Midi 2(F88)
Midi 3(Gb85)
Midi 4(F85)*

Midi 5(F85)*-harp
Always Something there to Remind Me All Saints
Nikki McKibbin
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G148)*harp
Midi 2(F160)
Amazing Grace Elvis Presley
Dennis Cooper
Song Tab-D Midi 1(G87)
Midi 2(G90)
Midi 3(F75)
Midi 4(C90)
Midi 5(Ab75)
Midi 6(G96)

Midi 7(C120)
American Pie Don McLean G Song Tab-C
Midi 1(G73)*
Midi 2 (G95)
Midi 3(G95)
Midi 4(G95)
Midi 5(Ab76)
Midi 6(G89
Midi 7(G73)
America the Beautiful   Lee Greenwood   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb88)
Midi 2(G97)
Annie's Song John Denver
Roger Whitaker
C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Ab94)
Midi 2 (D104)
Midi 3 (D116)
Midi 4 (D150)
Midi 5(D60)

Midi 6(D116)*-harp
Apache The Shadows
The Ventures
C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C125)
Midi 2 (C130)
Midi 3 (C135)

  Midi 4 (C120)
Midi 5 (C120)

Midi 6 (C135)*-harp)

Midi 7 (C120)
Midi 8 (C135)*
Are You Lonesome Tonight?      Elvis Presley C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C66)
Midi 2(C108)
Midi 3(C86)
Midi 4(C76)
Ashokan Farewell USA Civil War Song   Song Tab-D Midi 1(D97)*-harp
Midi 2(D11)
Midi 3(D90)

Midi 4(D60)
Midi 5(D100)
Midi 6(D100)
Arkansas Traveler Traditional   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (D240)
Midi 2(D210)
Midi 3(D110)
Midi 4(F174)
Midi 5(D240)
Midi 6(D216)
Midi 7(D240)
As Tears Go By Rolling Stones   Song Tab-D Midi 1(D107)*
Midi 2(D110)
Midi 3(G110)

Midi 4(D107)*-harp
Aura Lee     Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb90)
Midi 2(Ab80)


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